Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Resurgent Islam has adopted Muhammad's season of diplomacy

In the USA, instead of a military attitude the resurgent Islam has adopted Muhammad’s season of diplomacy from his Meccan period. Although traces can be found of militant Islam and of terror, Muslims are using, in the forefront, all legal means to spread their ideology. Financial aid in the millions is given to Islamic organizations and secular Universities and colleges by Saudi Arabia and Gulf states to enlighten people in the USA to see Islam as the best way of the Abrahamic path. Muslim organizations are using every available source from IT to PR. Packages of pro-Islamic books and media materials by the thousands are provided to libraries, teachers, State officials and Representatives. Many Muslims have made contacts with influential people at Radio, TV and newspaper mediums and seek their help to give a peaceful picture of Islam. Several Muslim organizations, such as CAIR, ISNA and MSA are campaigning against those Non-Muslims who want to expose the hidden face of Islam and Muslims. Indirectly some Muslims are trying to replace America’s freedom of speech with hate-crime bills. They are relentless in the nomination of Muslim sympathizers and Muslims in political and religious offices. They are getting involved in demonstrations on immigration issues, as well.

On a Christian response, the Church in America is divided into two extremes from hatred to totally unconditional love. There are ‘Christians’ who believe that Islam and Muslims are not included in ‘The Great Commission’, thinking God has finished with them. On the other hand there are those who are so ‘loving’ that they do not want to share Jesus in the name of interfaith slogan of ‘co-exist’, thus compromising the gospel. Their doctrine seems to be that Islam or any other faith can be accepted as a way to God. In both cases it is obvious that their ‘will and affections’ are set upon their fallen nature and thus they have become an offense to Christ. Both of these courses lead to spiritual ruin because the first group has totally closed the door of salvation on Muslims and the other in their compassion has gone too far to even offend God by showing an attitude that is contrary to the Gospel. (See how Carter Conlon, co-pastor of David Wilkerson, explains in his sermon “When Compassion Offends God”. http://jgospel.org/faith/sermon/when-compassion-offends-god-carter-conlon.c15451.aspx).

There are, however, a portion of Christians in between these two extremes that believe in loving the Muslims ‘the God way’ and are willing to take a stand for the uniqueness of the message of Christ and assurance for all, including Muslims. They use the utmost of their abilities to share the love of Christ with Muslims through friendship, and meaningful dialogue.

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