Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why is Islam spreading fast in the USA?

Why is Islam spreading fast in the USA?
1. Islamic Da’wa (Islamic evangelism). Islam is a “works religion”, Muslims believe they will get into paradise by winning non-Muslims to Islam. They marry Christians and Jews to eventually convert them to Islam, although they don’t tell them up front, nor do they tell them that they must raise their children as Muslims, even if she remains a Christian or Jew.
2. Islam is a community oriented system, especially when Muslims are in a minority in a new country. Leaders convince followers to unite and do good so to entice the non-Muslims around them, to ultimately convert them to Islam.
3. Islam is seen as dealing with every aspect of a Muslim’s life, religious or political. Thus while Christians may be hesitant to share their views, Muslims feel obligated to share their faith anywhere.
4. Muslims are allowed to lie for a greater purpose, the ‘domination of the world for Islam’ and so they hide the points of weaknesses in Islam.
5. Also to be an instrument to fulfill what Muhammad predicted that his community will over populate the
world through propagation. Muhammad advised, “Marry beautiful women, especially those women who will bear you lots of children”.

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